Single-coil-sized humbucker...


VISE is our first single-coil-sized humbucker, and is intended as a neck pickup paired with a full-sized humbucker in the bridge.


Its sound is distinctive, open, and present in the high- and mid-range with moderate compression in the lows to keep unwanted subs in check.


Unlike most single-coil sized humbucker pickups out there with one ceramic magnet, VISE uses a combination of Ceramic8 and Alnico5 magnets, is wound with Heavy Formvar wire, and comes unpotted as standard for maximum resolution and chime.


D.C. resistance: 8.7k.


Originally intended as a neck pickup, VISE has proven more than capable of handling some chug in the bridge position on any guitar with a single-coil rout.


VISE pairs beautifully with any mid- to high-output pickup in the bridge, or can be used in the bridge position in a Strat-style guitar.


Please feel free to shoot us an email with specific questions or for more information.


* Options that are not listed (such as color variants, etc.) as "stock options" from the drop-down menu may still be available, so please feel free to ask before purchasing, either by email ( or via the "Custom Order" page.