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Low-output high-resolution ’59-type humbucker...


Pure AF … the name says it all. It’s BetaBlocker’s take on a ’59-type pickup.


Hand-wound with plain enamel wire and loaded with an Alnico4 magnet, this humbucker features 9.0k DC resistance and can also be under-wound to approximately 7.5k for the neck position.


PURE AF delivers considerably more meat and punch than a typical ’59-type humbucker, but with very little tonal coloration and a purity of sound comparable to other vintage-type humbuckers.


Pure AF is wound with high quality 42AWG Plain Enamel wire and comes unpotted or lightly potted to support maximum harmonic content with an extended dynamic range.


Pole spacings avalable are: 50 mm, 53 mm, 61.2 mm (7-string) and 71.6 mm (8-string). The pickup comes with braided 2-conductor wire as standard.


* Options that are not listed (such as color variants, cover types, spacings, etc.) as "stock options" from the drop-down menu may still be available, so please feel free to ask before purchasing, either by email ( or via the "Custom Order" page.

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